SCACA Important Dates

October 8     N/S Volleyball Nominations Due to Amy Boozer
October 9     Mr. Football Nominations Due in SCACA Office
October 13   Girls Golf Nominations Due in SCACA Office
October 15   Mr. Football Selection Meeting
October 16   N/S Girls Golf Selection Meeting
October 19   Release Mr. Football Finalists
October 20   N/S Football & N/S Girl Tennis Nominations Due to SCACA Office
October 21   N/S Volleyball Selection Meeting
October 27   Selection Meeting N/S Football & N/S Girls Tennis

November 1     Debbie Rogers Cheer Classic
November 7-8        N/S Girls Golf at Timberlake
November 20-22    N/S Volleyball, Erskine College
November 21-22    N/S Girls Tennis, Kroc Center

December 9  All-Star Basketball Nomination Form Emailed to Athletic Directors
December 7-13   N/S Football Week
December 11SCACA Board Meeting, Myrtle Beach
December 20Shrine Bowl

January 5     N/S Wrestling Nomination Form Distributed by Wrestling Coaches
January 20   SC/NC Basketball Nomination Forms Due to SCACA Office
January 23   N/S Wrestling Nomination Forms Due to Tommy Bell
January 26   SC/NC Basketball Team Selection Meeting

February 2   Hall of Fame Nominations Due
February 8   N/S Wrestling Team Selection Meeting
February 10 N/S Basketball Nominations Due to SCACA Office
February 15 N/S Basketball Team Selections
February 17 Hall of Fame Selection Meeting
February 23 All-Star Soccer Nomination Form available on-line

March 1  Assistant Coach of the Year and
      Middle School/Jr. High Coach of the Year Nominations Due
March 5-7     N/S Wrestling - North Myrtle Beach High
March 12SCACA Board Meeting with Auxiliary Chairpersons
March 14-18 SCAAA Spring Conference, Charleston
March 19Select Baseball, N/S Baseball, Boys Golf and Boys Tennis
Nomination Forms Distributed to Athletic Directors
March 21N/S Basketball Games
March 22Clash of the Carolinas Soccer Selection Meeting
March 28      SC vs. NC All-Star Basketball Games, Myrtle Beach

April 1    Scholarship Applications Due
April 19  N/S Soccer Selection Meeting

June 1   Notification of Desire to Run for SCACA Board of Directors Due in
SCACA Office
  2015 Directors to be Voted on:
        1A Upper - 2A Lower  - 3A Upper - 4A Lower