SCACA Coaches Hall of Fame
On December 18, 1992, the Board of Directors of the South Carolina Coaches Association voted to establish the SCACA Coaches Hall of Fame.  The first inductees were enshrined in 1993 at the First Annual Awards Banquet. 
The purpose of the SCACA Coaches Hall of Fame is to try in some way to express to the coaches of South Carolina the appreciation we the members have for them and to express our thanks for their many contributions to high school athletics in South Carolina.
Each year selection to the SCACA Coaches Hall of Fame will rest with the Hall of Fame Selection Committee, made up of all Past Presidents and chaired by the First Vice President.  Selections will be based on a set of criteria which includes the following:
           1.SCACA membership for a minimum of 20 years, unless
              coaching years are prior to 1965
           3.Character, behavior, leadership
           4.Accomplishments (have an overall winning record)
           5.Twenty (20) years as a head coach or athletic director in SC
             (Combination of years can not be counted.)
           6.United States citizenship
           7.Professional, community/civic, church contributions
           8.National and state awards
Annual nominations may be made by any SCACA member or former member, school administrator, teacher or athlete in South Carolina
All nomination forms are due to the SCACA Office by February 1st
SCACA Hall of Fame Inductees
Julius Babb
Phil Clark
Harry Hedgepath
Bettis Herlong
James Ingram
Robert Jenkins
R.L. Kendall
Artie Knight
John McKissick
Charles Stuart
W.L. Varner
Jimmy Welch

Bill Carr
Paul Chapman
Ed McClendon
Slick Moore
Tommy Oates
Lindsey Pierce
Keith Richardson
Joe Turbeville
Shannon Wilkerson

Doug Bennett
Cheryl Browning
Louie Golden
Leon Maxwell
Gerald Moody
Thad Ott
Harry Parone
Bob Rankin
Doug Shaw
Taft Wilson

Thomas C Lavelle
Sudie L. Love
William L. Pate
John “Cy” Szakacsi
R.E. “Ears” Wilson

Gary Adams
Dean Bolin
Simon Lewis
Bob Prevatte
Eddie Rice
Dick Singleton

Boots Bandy
Robert Biggerstaff
Jim Fraser
David Horton
William Roberts

Jack Cantey
Bobby Ivey
Bob Johnston
H.B. Rhame
Charles Shealy
Frank Small
John Weathers
Barbara Wilkes

Jim Brice
Moody Garner
Bobby Giles
Buddy Neely
Mac Quattlebaum
John Thames
Henry Caver
W. Dean Jones
Billy Seigler
Hulan “Pop” Small
Theodore J. Whitaker
Cecil Woolbright

Peggy Anthony
Larry Bagwell
George Glymph
James Hewitt
George Johnson
Harold Jones
Fred Senter
Virgil Wells

Bill Clark
Jack King
Charles Macaluso
Teresa Kendle
Al Usher

Shell Dula
Les Evans
Paula Kirkland
Johnny Roscoe
John Smith
Harvey Stewart
Farrell Zissette

Shad Hall
William Johnson
Eileen Kilbreth
Jim Kilbreth
Bennie McMurray
Jewel McLaurin
Y.C. Winbo
John Parker Carlisle
Herbert Nathaniel Glaze
William C. Lewis
Edward Boyd Muldrow
Micheal Herndon Ware
Joy Ayers Couch
Jimmy Eugene Few
John Wilkins Jones
Rivers Foster Lynch
William Henry Potter
William Robert Tate
Burney Bourne
Julian Doc Davis
Bob Reynolds
Patsy Rhodes
Ray Stackley
Carl Stegall
Jerry Stoots
Barry Atkinson
Pat Hewitt
William J. Ramborger
Strother Sligh
Dick Smith
Robert McGowan Wier
Lon Armstrong
Cliff Crosland
Tommy Davis
Susan Dean
Jim Ringer
Barbara Tyler
Bill Few
Bill Issac
Tom McIntrye
Harold McManus
Phil Savitz
Thomas Smith
Phil Strickland
Jimmy Wallace
Ed Boehmke
Carroll Emery
Jackie Hayes
William Hosea
Robert B. Jameson
Anne Long
Ted Luckadoo
G.F. (Gus) Allen
B.E. (JR) Boyd, Jr.
R. Scott Douglass
Alexis Homer Glover
Lewis Lineberger
William Metcalf

David Berry
John Byrd
David Gutshall
Mike Johnson
Mickey Moss
Tim Whipple
Willie Wooden
Seated L to R: William Hosea, Jim Fraser, Gus Allen, Scott Douglass, Alexis Glover, Lewis Lineberger, Bill Metcalf, JR Boyd,  Sudie Love, Bobby Ivey, Patsy Rhodes

Standing L to R: Dick Smith, Shell Dula, John Thames, Jim Kilbreth, Eileen Kilbreth, Teresa Kendle, Ray Stackley, Barry Atkinson, Mike Ware, Ed Boehmke, Johnny Roscoe, John Jones, Joe Turbeville, Louie Golden, Robert Jameson, Barbara Tyler, Jimmy Wallace, Peggy Anthony,Phil Strickland, Anne Long, Charles Macaluso, Keith Richardson, Barbara Wilkes, Jim Ringer